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xmp-2.0.3 and OpenBSD 2.8


Included with this email is a patch to 'configure.in' in the
latest release of 'xmp' that adds support for a fresh-out-of-
the-box OpenBSD 2.8 (i386) compile.  (it seems that the con-
figure script was checking for 'audio.h', where OpenBSD 2.8
uses 'audioio.h'; without the necessary symlink, only the
'file' driver would be compiled.)

The patch (all four lines of change ;-) has also been for-
warded to <claudio_(_at_)_helllabs_(_dot_)_org>, who maintains xmp.  The
current version, 2.0.3, which the patch was tested with,
is available at:


Hopefully the newer versions should correct the breakage
reported in the ports tree's latest version, 1.1.5. (!)

All the best!

Chris Cox

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