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Re: psql and readline

Hi All,
> Looks like you have a really round-about way of volunteering to update
> readline... :)
A preliminary readline port is at 

i've been putting it in devel/readline in my local tree.
I originally did it for version 1.333 of the port infrastructure,
and just updated it quickly for 1.340 (changed GNU_CONFIGURE to

I originally did it for a sawfish port and have been sitting on this
a while for lack of time to check some issues:
  * I've not looked at security at all yet
  * I've tested the 1.333 version by using it in sawfish. This is
    a pretty weak test in all likelyhood
  * I've not tested the 1.340 version at all (just checked it builds
    and packages)
  * I've only begun to investigate SIMPLE and CONCURRENT options -
    the makefile documents my work to date.

I'm sending it on because people seem like they might expend energy
doing stuff i've done, and i'd like to save them the time - I'm not
sure i have the time to address the above issues right now.

The only slightly tricky stuff was
  * two targets (one normal, one for shared)
  * mucking around with FAKE_FLAGS

Hope this helps a bit,

 - robbie
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