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what shape is the KDE2 libs & base in?

I'm attempting to get the KDE2 basic stuff running on a freshly
upgraded to 2.8-snapshot box.  As I'm having a few problems, I'd
like to know if this port is "known to work".  There's no MAINTAINER
listed in the Makefiles for x11/kde/{libs2,base2}.

Extensive searching of the usual list archives, the KDE site, etc.
has revealed nothing on KDE2 and OpenBSD.

  $ uname -a
  OpenBSD vl3 2.8 GENERIC#399 i386

I grabbed packages from snapshots for everything but libaudiofile-0.1.10
which wasn't available.  That port is a dependency, but isn't listed
in ports/INDEX.  I built it from the port.

KDE2 basically works: I launch it from xdm and it comes up pretty
smartly (for a 48Meg P90!).  I get the lower control strip and a
few icons on my desktop, and the background gradient.  I can browse
things with konquerer and launch xterms with Alt-F2.


Quirk 1: after starting KDE2, I get an empty window with this titlebar:

    KWrited - listening on device /dev/ttyp2

Problem 1:

  I can't start konsole from menus, UI controls or Alt-F2.
    - I *can* start it from an xterm.

Problem 2:

  I can't launch apps by clicking their icons on the desktop.
    - their icon is that of "Unknown" and "application/octet-stream"

If KDE logs messages anywhere, I can't find it.  There's nothing
on that at the KDE site either.

So, this is tantalizingly close; are these known problems, or have
I likely screwed-up installation?