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Re: postgresql fix for asian people

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 12:57:55PM +0100, Marc Espie wrote:
> Kevin Lo   tells me the following is rather important for asian people.
> I'm not really familiar with postgresql, so I'm waiting for advice as to
> whether this doesn't break anything else before committing.
> Also, people willing to test this would be appreciated, and feedback.

> +		--enable-multibyte \


The only thing I can think of is that you may have a problem when you have
a server and client configured (on two different machines), one with multibyte
and one without.  Now, I'm not sure which situation doesn't work, but in 
certain cases, you will not be able to connect to the server (if you mixed

At any rate, I *seem* to remember it only applies if you have a multibyte-enabled
client and trying to connect to an old server, without multibyte (6.5 maybe?)

One would have to check the pgsql mailing list archives, but I know it's been
discussed a couple times over the last months.

I also agree with the other poster in the thread who mentionned tcl, odbc, etc...
THESE should be enabled by default (or maybe Flavors?)

just my 1/50$

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