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xfstt is crashes X


 I've been trying some more to make `xfstt' work, without luck.
When I try it through xfontsel, I can use the ttf font family until I
specify an encoding, then xfontsel locks, and `xkill''ing it crashes X.

 I've been using xfstt with Debian, and in the (Debian) changelog it

	xfstt (1.1) unstable; urgency=low

	  * Fixed Memory corruption (BUG# 49297)
	  * Fixed encodings problem (BUG# 49526, 51209 )

I think Debian BUG#'s 49526, 51209 is the one I (and others it seems
from the `Is Xfstt port buggy?' thread from Sept. 14 on the
misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org list) is hit by.
Those Debian BUG#'s can't be found in their database anymore, so I can't
confirm, unfortunately.

 Since xfstt runs perfectly on Debian the OpenBSD port would probably
benefit from the same patches I thought.
Now I've tried to `cmp' the tarballs from OpenBSD ports distfiles (that
I built the dysfunctional xfstt from), and apt-get source xfstt tarball,
and the xfstt-1.1.tar.gz that is referred to from freshmeat. They were
all alike!
I was hardly surprised when I found out the Debian package maintainer
and the xfstt maintainer is the same person. :-)

 This points to something going wrong in the patching of the port, am I
right about that?

 I hope this helps, and that someone actually capable of fixing things
can do it.


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