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KerberosV - anybody working on a port?

Before the flames: I've searched the mail archives, and I _do_ see some people talking about independent work on krb5 porting. I've also heard mention of the Heimdal krb5 protocol set being incorporated "RSN" but I don't see anything in the daily changelog for -current that would indicate that this is actually being integrated into 2.8.

Is this an active project? I'd love to get rid of my ssh key distribution nightmares and also integrate my home network with my company (who currently runs the MIT Kerberos5.) I don't want to put a lot of effort into krb4 if krb5 is right around the corner.

Disclaimer: I can no more write a port of Heimdal/MIT krb5 than sprout wings and fly (at the moment) and this is a polite question rather than an accusatory query. I'd really love to see a more modern Kerberos protocol appear in the distribution (despite the fact that krb4 seems to keep getting updated, if I read the changelogs correctly.)