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Re: Downgrade the Berkeley DB from 3.0.55 to 2.7.7?

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Jakob Schlyter wrote:

> > I want to downgrade the Berkeley DB to 2.7.7.
> > Yes, I know that the current port is 3.0.55, but I found some apps
> > still using 2.7.x, not 3.x.55. For example, I'm gonna make a port
> > called xcin25, which is a Chinese INput application in X.
> > BTW, there are no ports are dependencies for the DB.
> > What do you think? Any comments are welcome, thanks.
> Couldn't we just change it into two ports - db2 and db3?

I've seen that done a couple of times in ports, however most have
disappeared after awhile when someone updates the wrong port and everyone
forgets why it was splitted in the first place.

Without knowing anything about Berkeley DB, my first question is why is
this needed at all? DB v.3 have been out since Nov '99, have the original
authors of the program requiring db v.2 abandon it and have plans on
upgrading to v.3? As far as I can tell, from reading, 2.7.7 is the last in
the v.2 era, and will therefore not be updated and then probably outdated
in a couple of months. Is it really worth it then?

Also, db2 might not be a good name to pick, to avoid some confusion. =)