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Re: problem building slrn and imlib

On Sun, Jan 23, 2000 at 03:04:13PM -0500, Brad wrote:
> I don't really know exactly whats going on but ever since d@ made some
> changes to libc it seems to have caused havoc on the ports tree.
> If anyone has a -current SPARC system and could tell me if they're seeing
> any problems like this ? so far only people running on i386 systems have
> been reporting this problem and maybe it has something todo with the weak
> aliases introduced into libc for i386 ?
I installed OpenBSD 2.6 on a SPARC systems a few weeks ago and tried to
install ldap with tcpwrapper support and also OpenSSH from the sources.
But with both programs I got undefined symbols (one ose resvport_af or
so). AFAIK the missing symbols should be in libc, but nm don't show them.

I can not install -current from src because I have not enough space left
for that.

But a lot of other apps had no problems to compile. 

:wq Claudio