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WHAT is a `specific snapshot' ? (Was: New policy...)

On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 07:14:06PM -0400, Christopher Turan wrote:
> When we switch away, I will tell you what to switch too.  It will mostly
> likely be a specific snapshot.  I imagine we will be hopping from snapshot
> to snapshot, as we progress to the next release.  I will finalize plans
> at a later date.  Further details will be given at that time.

I hope you realize that this is completely impossible with the current
state of affairs.

Namely, WHAT is a `specific snapshot' ? How does this translate in a tree
with 8 separate architectures, where snapshots NEVER occur at the same time.

Right now, Theo is building 5 snapshots out of 8, which is already too much.
If I want my amiga to survive, I need to continue building snapshots.
If I want to check things properly with your scheme, I need to be able
to reproduce a specific snapshot.

Namely, this needs we do neeed to tag the source tree whenever someone build
snapshots... (something such as SNAPSHOT-991101-AMIGA for me).
this is not hard to do, actually. Major projects such as gcc
routinely tag their cvs tree each time they produce a snapshot.

cvs also provides a nifty feature, where you can move tags around, so that
you could have a floating tag that says `the snapshot to use for ports'.

This does not mean that the number of tags used in the tree will grow 
hugely either, since the old snapshots tag can probably be deleted after
each release.

This means that you can't hop too much from snapshot to snapshot, as arches
such as m68k take 40 hours to build a snapshot.

I see other potential problems, but let's start with those, shall we ?

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