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Re: New policy for ports and packages

In message <19991026165813_(_dot_)_A25908_(_at_)_liafa1_(_dot_)_liafa_(_dot_)_jussieu_(_dot_)_fr>, Marc Espie writes:
>On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 07:14:06PM -0400, Christopher Turan wrote:
>> When I unlock the trees, I want _ALL_ ports people to use the 2.6
>> release in src.  Do not bother building anything in ports unless
>> you are running 2.6.  I will hold this until I am satisfied all the 
>> missing 2.6 stuff is fixed.  Then I will switch the ports tree away 
>> from tracking 2.6.  
>This is going to be a large problem for people like me who do ports AND
>src development...  For instance, I have some VERY good reasons to use my own
>copy of make to build ports right now (how am I going to check that my make
>patches actually work otherwise ?) 

I would suggest that we start to tag _individual ports_ with something like
REL_2_6 when they have been tested on the release. This would enable people
to work on current, and still have the ability to check out a known good
ports tree (for a ports.tar.gz, etc) for the latest release. If a developer
does not have enough machines to test, he could mail the list and ask for
someone else to test (and re-tag) the port on a release machine.
This would, of course, lead to a situation where new ports would not
necessarily work on the release, and some ports might be for old versions,
but at least something (barring disappearing distfiles) should be usable at
all times (hopefully both for -release and -current).

	- mho