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Some gotcha for ports people

On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 07:14:06PM -0400, Christopher Turan wrote:
> Ports and packages are now tied together.  The ports tree is meant to build
> both ports and packages.  Not just one of them.  When you commit new
> ports or update old ones, you will test the package along with the port.
> Since I know people will not do this, there will have to be punishment.

In order for ports to transform into testable packages, there is one simple
condition to meet.

Your machine MUST be updated to have the right version of /etc/mtree...

We might be able to move away from this in the future, but right now, having
the wrong version of mtree will produce bogus packages, that people can't
test... this bit us during 2.5 testing.
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