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okay, I got the GNOME libraries to compile(actually they compile without 
a problem), now the bad part comes when I try to compile the core...

I get undefined references all over the libgnorba.so that supposedly 
compiled and installed great, and every one of them had to do with 
undefined refernces to ORBit... I'm wondering if I forgot to install 
something?  Is there another pacjage that has to do with ORBit besides the
ORBit port and the libIDL port?

I'm still wondering if the NetBSD ports will work straight from their 
port tree, but when I look at the GNOME code it looks like they made 
definite preprocessor call to check to see if the OS is OpenBSD so I have 
no clue where that undefined refernces are coming from(and yes, I did 
ldconfig -m the directories)


Brian Sea

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