OpenBSD ports archive

  • cucipop port, Cindy Ding
  • KornShell Plus, Charles Northrup
  • OpenBSD Ports, GNUstep, and the JDK, Christian Edward Gruber
  • A note about bison, Marc Espie
  • Porting help, Grant Stockly
  • rc-shell port, Markus Friedl
  • avantgo sync client, evan . cordes
  • best way to submit ports, Stephen C. Fuqua
  • python port, Phillip Lenhardt
  • hylafax build problem, Louis Bertrand
  • Re: apop (again), Brad
  • ucd-snmp port, MKShannon
  • PostgreSQL 6.5 port?, Louis Bertrand
  • ports & OpenBSD-current, Marc Espie
  • kdebase still somewhat broken, authentication..., Marc Espie
  • arpwatch port's flaws, Denis A. Doroshenko
  • GNUstep, Christian Gruber
  • lesstif port problem, Hans-Guenter Weigand
  • compface port: change in make syntax?, Hans-Guenter Weigand
  • audio/rsynth broken, Niklas Hallqvist
  • problems with ddd, Ian Alderman
  • Editors: Axe and jed port, Hans-Guenter Weigand
  • kdelibs, Herb McNew
  • 062599 - New international trade marketing and information tools and resources now available, dgikandi
  • Problems with stock OpenBSD 2.5 ports compilation, Wouter Slegers
  • ucd-snmp under OpenBSD 2.5, Gordon Greene
  • ddd does not compile with egcs, Hans-Guenter Weigand

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