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Problems with stock OpenBSD 2.5 ports compilation


This weekend I installed OpenBSD 2.5 on a virgin system (i386). The new
installation script is an improvement with respect to 2.4.
Anyway, while installing a large amount amount of ports, I noticed several 
problems. I'm reporting them here to weed out the known problems so I
can concentrate on (trying) to fix the remaining problems. The
reporting style is somewhat terse, which may sound more rude then
The log, the INDEX of the ports installed and this mail can be found
in <URL:http://www.stack.nl/~wouter/OpenBSD/>.

With kind regards,
Wouter Slegers


Swig depends on bash. Therefor INDEX should contain:
swig-1.1|/usr/ports/devel/swig|/usr/local|Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator.|/usr/ports/devel/swig/pkg/DESCR|ports_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org|devel|bash-2.03||any

Installation of mutt depends on sgml2{html,txt} to create files. It
does not seem to use it afterwards.

mshell fails to compile.

arpwatch tries to install example configuration files in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/,
which fails as this directory does not exist. Shouldn't these examples be
/etc/arpwatch.example or /usr/local/share/doc/arpwatch?

Should the SSLeay port be succeeded by OpenSSL?

The enscript Makefile should select A4/letter formats with:
.if defined(A4)
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--with-media=A4
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--with-media=Letter

psutils seems to use A4 format by default. Shouldn't this be:
.if defined(A4)

teTex complains of (but this does not seem to influence the installation
texhash: fatal error: directory '/usr/local/share/texmf' not found.
Please check your setup.

ispell complains of a non-existing /usr/local/info/ispell

Compiling jade ( .../include/Vector.cxx:128) leeds to a "virtual
memory exhausted" error on a system with 64Mb RAM and 128Mb swap?

latex2html fails patching.

wdiff's configuration script does not understand the --sysconfdir=/etc

Is it possible to prevent making a port from retreiving the source
file via FTP/HTTP? 

SWIG can use TCL/TK, Python and/or perl 5.00[34] but is not dependend
on them. Therefor SWIG should be installed last so it can use these
ports if installed.

ImageMagic can use Ghostscript and TrueTypeFonts, therefor ImageMagic
should be installed later than these packages if possible.

Is it possible to test whether a package is already installed _before_
compiling it? This would speed up installation of a large amount of
ports significantly.

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