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Some programs

Heres some programs ive managed to compile/run on OpenBSD2.2

Im not sure if this will help or do the opposit since
im not capable nor have the time to, create proper ports
neither check wether these program are hazardous to run 
or not. But maybe some of you could be intereseted to know
that these programs compile without any fuzz at all.
This email is mainly for the novice users, because i take
it that the rest of you kernelhackers dont have any
problems with things like this att all. 

Im running an i386 with OpenBSD2.2 on it.

1: Hugs1.4.beta. Even though a beta i havent had any problems in 4 months
with it. And 

2: FileRunner v2.4.2, works with netbsd's makefile. (made by a
"Chalmerist" :-))

3: xdir, version 2.1

4: WindowMaker-0.14.1

5: xforms-0.88. Found an OpenBSD version of this at:
ftp://ftp.cs.ruu.nl/pub/XFORMS/ (is it already in the ports collection?)

6: LyX-0.12.0, it had two tmpnam warnings
lyx_cb.C	895
lyxvc.C		326

7: ImageMagick-4.0.5
encode.c	line 10675 was commented out, dont know what effects this
will have, but atleast it compiles without it 
utility.c 	line 2160	had a mktemp warning

Lots of X programs, but i dont miss anything else really.

Have to ask this but what about a "gpm" ( General Purpose Mouse driver?)
for OpenBSD? i really miss the cut/paste flexibility :-)

Hope this will of use for someone