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Re: OSS (fwd)

quite interesting....
i didn't even think that i would get a response to my stupid request.
* Cm *

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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 03:23:34 -0600 (CST)
From: front4_(_at_)_ix_(_dot_)_netcom_(_dot_)_com
To: jim34_(_at_)_curium_(_dot_)_com
Subject: Re: OSS

On 02/16/98 00:12:10 you wrote:
>i know more than a few people who are hoping for a OSS for OpenBSD...its a
>killer os...all it needs is good sound support..
>* Cm *


Thanks for your interest in OSS for We currently don't have the bandwidth to handle
yet another freeware OS since we have paying customers on support for other OSs. 

However, we are committed to supporting all BSDs sooner or later. We hope that
at somepoint OpenBSD's and NetBSDs driver interfaces become more like FreeBSD
(as in support for Loadable Kernel Modules), maybe it's already there and I 
apologize for the ignorance. If you could have someone send us the CDROMs we'll
install OpenBSD and see howmuch work is required for a port.

Best regards
Dev Mazumdar

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