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need some help with xpm


Im trying to install xpm-3.4j, from the ports
collection. Im using OpenBSD2.2/i386 and a 
nonconfiguered GENERIC kernel. Ive installed 
xfree without any problems. But when i try 
to install xpm i run into trouble. First it 
complains that it cant find xmkmf. Apparently 
xmkmf cant find  imake. Ive checked and the 
file permission on  these files seems correct. 
Then when i try to use the Makefile.nOX file 
it gives me multiple errors saying that it 
cant find different x11 files. Ive checked
the different makefiles but i cant find
any pointers to xmkmf or imake except
for the "standard" Makefile which says
something about "use IMAKE   yes"
xmkmf is in /usr/X11R6/bin 
and ive tried installing xpm in various
directories (not sure wether this should make
a difference since the "standard" port dir 
doesnt work)

I suppose i should add that im rather
new to the *bsd system :-), and that
i wasnt sure if this is the correct
mailing list to send this too.
If not i apologize for any inconvenience

I was wondering if anyone could help me 
out here and tell me where ive gone wrong. 

Thanks in advance