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Re: Group editing

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 10:59:10AM -0700, stupidmail4me wrote:
> I've thought about this yes, but the developers aren't
> that tech savvy to understand cvs. They'll most likely
> be using FTP. I know I know, use cvs.

FWIW, and I am not the first to say this, but CVS really is better.

As a small tale of personal experience, a few people - at any time,
around three - work on the website for my students' association. We have
been using Subversion for months now, but prior to that, even with only
two really active webmasters, my contributions to the main site (as
opposed to some scripts, which are mostly my exclusive domain due to
being the only thing approaching a coder we have) got clobbered more
often than not.

Yes, good coordination and more care from my coworkers could have
prevented part of the problem, but still... using some version control
makes life that much easier.

OTOH, teaching people to use Subversion properly is another matter
altogether. I'll be installing an elaborate pre-commit verification
script this weekend, which should take care of most nasty habits. Now if
I can only get them to commit pages without an average of three errors
which need fixing immediately, I'll be happy[1]. ;-)


[1] That, and dropping PHP (or at least keeping MySQL out the door). And
installing a real OS - even Linux or MacOS, though my preference would
be different of course - on the desktops. And getting some real money
for some real servers, or at least some real disks[2][3]. And a UPS,
backup network link...  well, a man can dream.
[2] Running out of space on a 40 GB disk really isn't that difficult
nowadays, especially when people upload our 2 GB of photo's in three or
four places, and have an archive of ~ 14 GB of assorted junk (Word, JPG,
who knows what else is in there?).
[3] Lost two already. Turns out five year-old desktop disks don't stand
up too well to being stacked in a warm environment and run 24/7 for
months. Oh well, we'll finally have RAID in place this weekend, and
everything's been on tape for months[4].
[4] Now if I could only find that backup from a month or four ago... it
should be on some X CD's. Tape is so much nicer.

I'll stop ranting now.