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Re: vlan router problems


On 5/16/06, Stuart Henderson <stu_(_at_)_spacehopper_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
fwiw, current firmware release notes say this about VLANs:
   "Bugs fixed: [...] Port based VLAN works abnormally with some
   combinations of VLANs overlapping."

My switch is already running the latest firmware, and I'm still having problems :-(

I'm unable to get my head around the alternate setup that Brian
suggested... and once I do, I'll try it out and post if it  fixes my

An update of my situation:

I'm able to use the default mtu of 1500 bytes on both sis/fxp
without any issues.

In my current setup it seems that my switch does not permit
the same MAC ID (of my router NIC) to appear on different
VLANs.  So long as I have only one vlan interface up at any
given time, everything works perfectly.

Many thanks to Camiel Dobbelaar (who IMO is worth Marlon
Brando's weight in diamond studded platinum) for all his
patience and guidance in helping me track down this issue. :-)

- Raja

PS: I'm sorry to spam the list with this problem.  It seems more
like an issue with my switch rather than obsd.

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