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Sendmail configurations

I've just installed OpenBSD 3.8...my first ever *nix. I've got most up and running, but I'm having problems recieving email. I followed the guidelines on this page http://www.nomoa.com/bsd/mailServer.htm to the letter. All the localhost tests work, but when I try to send a test message from out of the domain I never get it. Also, I am not sure what my domain would be, but I tried sending to both user_(_at_)_server_(_dot_)_skyblue_(_dot_)_mine_(_dot_)_nu & user_(_at_)_skyblue_(_dot_)_mine_(_dot_)_nu_(_dot_)_ skyblue.mine.nu is my registered domain name, but the full name of my server is, as you'd guess, server.skyblue.mine.nu.

I would gladly appreciation the suggestions as I'm not getting any errors, nor am I getting any mail...


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