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Re: Help Vampires: A Spotters Guide -- Why I Like OpenBSD and Its Community

Interesting article but hardly applicable to most of the people I see posting to the @ lists. I don't believe in such entities but even were it the case energy vampires truly exist and in some natural or supernatural way suck the psychic force of others you'll note that they feed on the weak.

If you can demonstrate to me that the OpenBSD lists in particular or the user population in general are psychic weaklings then we'll talk. Otherwise your reply is pointless.

If you think I'm wrong, then contradict the post with useful facts. If you think I have no right or standing to address such an article to other OpenBSD neophytes (and I do include myself in that list), then say that and backup your assertions.

If you're just offended then learn to deal with it. That's the upshot of my post. OpenBSD appears to *me* to be a system and community aimed at mature people who take responsibility for themselves and wouldn't let an "energy vampire" suck them dry.



Peter Philipp wrote:

Before you go looking for or spotting Help Vampires perhaps you should analyze yourself whether you are an Energy Vampire.

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_vampire

Willing or not, pointing out to people what annoys them is downright depressing.