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Re: to upgrade or not to upgrade

On Friday 12 May 2006 12:44, prad wrote:
> i have 2 servers running 3.8 (since march 21) and doing very nicely.
> i had my own computer running 3.8 till monday, but wanted to see how the
> upgrade process worked and so it is running 3.9 now (again very nicely).
> should i upgrade the servers?
> possible rationale to do so:
> 1. keep all machines consistent
> 2. keep the upgrade process doable with adjacent versions
> 3. take advantage of some of the newer features and software
> possible rationale not to do so:
> 1. machines aren't doing same thing so perhaps they shouldn't be consistent
> 2. newer features and software may create problems for some sites (eg
> something coded for php4 may not work quite right away with php5)
> additionally, what is the feeling regarding upgrading vs fresh install?
> i found the upgrading to be very painless (even though the change from
> mysql 4 to mysql 5 added an extra db called information_schema for some
> reason that i don't understand yet). the upgrading faq says that you won't
> get quite the same thing though as a fresh install, but i certainly didn't
> interpret this comment to be in a negative sense.
> i presume that the upgrade process exists to be used and really is
> preferable to a fresh install so that we can keep moving up versions in the
> most efficient manner possible?

If you look at http://openbsd.org/plus39.html you will see a good list of all
the changes made to 3.9.  It's an impressive list, as usual.  I'd build up a
test system to verify that things will go well first, and then make the move.
Given that you are running php, I'd want to run the latest version, given
how bug prone it seems to be.  But only you can determine all this, so
get going with a little test system. ;-)

--STeve Andre'