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CVS problem in 20060502 snap


I have a problem with CVS in the snapshot named above.

Updating my ports tree, I get A LOT of conflicts for no apparent
reason, just showing a short piece of the log, but in sequence of time:

U x11/xzoom/pkg/DESCR
U x11/xzoom/pkg/PLIST
... lots of other stuff...
cvs update: move away x11/xzoom/pkg/DESCR; it is in the way
C x11/xzoom/pkg/DESCR
cvs update: move away x11/xzoom/pkg/PLIST; it is in the way
C x11/xzoom/pkg/PLIST

The problem with this is: Before I started this run of 'cvs up', I had
'rm -fr x11', ie, the whole subtree.

This is with OpenBSD-current on i386.