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Re: bash vs. ksh

Janjaap van Velthooven wrote:
Luke Bakken wrote:
cmd1 2>&1 >$WHERE
What you would want is cmd1 >$WHERE 2>&1

I was going to respond with the exact same thing. Then, just for kicks, I decided to read ksh(1) from 3.9 and searched for "2>". I found:
"$ cat /foo/bar 2>&1 > /dev/null | cat -n"

Here's a patch:
--- ksh.1.orig  Wed May 10 16:33:50 2006
+++ ksh.1       Wed May 10 16:34:27 2006
@@ -2108,7 +2108,7 @@
 pipelines are created and in the order they are given, so the following
 will print an error with a line number prepended to it:
-.D1 $ cat /foo/bar 2\*(Gt&1 \*(Gt /dev/null \*(Ba cat -n
+.D1 $ cat /foo/bar \*(Gt /dev/null 2\*(Gt&1 \*(Ba cat -n
 .Ss Arithmetic expressions
 Integer arithmetic expressions can be used with the
 .Ic let

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