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SOLVED: Operation not permitted

Below problem solved, at least for manual startup of my FAH
client. Thanks to Chris, Craig, and Chris, you people are great.
The solution was that I needed to do:
sysctl kern.emul.linux=1
But I had previously done a change to the /etc/sysctl.conf
to uncomment the line like that, and rebooted, which was
supposed to do this operation automatically but it seems
that did not work. Still I would like to automate startup
so I will continue to experiment, but at least I'm able to
get it running! THANKS!

(Here is my previous message for reference:)

Hi, I've installed OBSD 3.9 on a PIII, 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM.
I tried doing some things to get Folding at Home client running,
and it WAS at one point, but apparently I messed up something
because every time I try to start the program I get a message
something like:
ksh:   ./FAH3Console-LinuxB.exe: Operation not permitted

Now, I have made sure the perms are ok, I've used chown for
ownership, chmod for making it executable, and I have made
sure about the folder I'm trying to execute this from to be in the
PATH. Is there something else that could cause this error?

Any input appreciated, thanks x10e6


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