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Re: PF and PPTP

2006/5/10, Damian Gerow <dgerow_(_at_)_afflictions_(_dot_)_org>:
Thus spake Bruno Carnazzi (bcarnazzi_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com) [10/05/06 01:37]:
: My home PF NATing gateway route just one PPTP tunnel (for my laptop),
: and I don't need special thing for it to work (GRE enabled via sysctl
: and pf must pass GRE proto). Is there a special case when you have
: multiple PPTP (GRE) tunnels that need proxying ?

In theory, so long as there is only one given client on the LAN connecting
to a given PPTP endpoint on the 'Net, I can handle it all using standard PF
syntax.  My problem is that I have two clients on the LAN that wish to
connect to the same endpoint -- that, AFAIK, requires a proxy.

That's my first question : why the need for a proxy for a network level protocol ?


- Damian

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