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Re: PF and PPTP


My home PF NATing gateway route just one PPTP tunnel (for my laptop),
and I don't need special thing for it to work (GRE enabled via sysctl
and pf must pass GRE proto). Is there a special case when you have
multiple PPTP (GRE) tunnels that need proxying ?

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2006/5/10, Damian Gerow <dgerow_(_at_)_afflictions_(_dot_)_org>:
I find myself in a situation where I need to route a few PPTP tunnels
through a NATing PF gateway.  Because of the usage of GRE, I'm aware that I
need to enable GRE via sysctl, and that I'll need to run the connections
through a proxy.

However, I'm having a hard time digging up a proxy I've got confidence in.
I've tried pptpproxy:


and frickin:


But the former won't compile, and the latter doesn't instill a large amount
of confidence in me (not to mention that it won't fork to the background).
This is on a 3.9 system (or shortly before).

How are other people handling multiple PPTP tunnels?