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Re: /etc/suid_profile

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 12:13:33PM -0400, Peter Fraser wrote:
> I was a user of "bash", but with 3.9 I thought
> I would try to use ksh my normal shell. So
> far so good. One problem though, "man ksh"
> states:
> A privileged shell does not process $HOME/.profile 
> nor the ENV parameter. Instead, the file
> /etc/suid_profile is processed.
> 1) /etc/suid_profile is not getting executed.
> I don't know why, its ownership is "root:wheel" with
> permission 700.
> 2) ENV will get process with privileged shells on
> recursive calls. For example:
> sudo ksh
> export ENV=~/.kshrc
> ksh
> you will see with the second ksh, that the ENV
> was executed.
> Any help please

are you sure that your initial shell invocation is a privileged shell?
i.e. somewhere along the line, -p is happening.