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Re: Binary Update for Packages

> On 2006/05/09 03:57, sebastian_(_dot_)_rother_(_at_)_jpberlin_(_dot_)_de wrote:
>> pkg_add allows to update packages but for this new packages must be
>> avaiable ofcourse. Is there a script to build all packages from the
>> Ports-Tree (f.e. the script used to make all the packages for every
>> release).
> Read ports(7), there's a section on bulk package building.
>> This would lead to a simply and easy to use Update-Server for a local
>> lan.
>> (Maybe that`s also an idea for tech@ to include it to the Base-System (a
>> simple shellscript wich helps you building own Update-Servers).
> People running -current are expected to be somewhat knowledgeable and
> resourceful; people running a release already have access to the latest
> supported version of ports where redistribution is allowed.

Thank you Stuart but I hoped somebody maybe set up such a Server/Service
already f.e. for a company or so.

And Felipe Scarel: It is nice that you can past the crap but you should
have read ALL.

15.2.8 - Security updates (-stable packages)
When serious bugs or security flaws are discovered in third party
software, they are fixed in the -stable branch of the ports tree, and a
selection of updated binary packages is made available.

Please refer to the stable packages page to find out about updated
packages and important updates to the -stable branch. Note that updated
packages are only available for the i386 platform. For other platforms,
you will need to use the -stable branch of the ports tree and compile from

Source: http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq15.html#PkgSecurity

And the last time I checked f.e. ftp.openbsd.org clamav was still 0.88 and
not 0.88.2 (and it`s still not updated to even the part about i386 is
completly wrong). :)
pkg_add -u will downgrade your system if you updated some software via
Ports but at the Server (e.g. openbsd.org) is still an old Version.
pkg_add -u could be used to keep software "up2date" (at least for STABLE)
except of updating all packages after you updated to a new release.

That`s why setting up an own "Update"-Server is maybe the better solution.

Kind regards,

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