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Re: FTP download/CD sales ratio

On 5/4/06, Michael Erdely <mike_(_at_)_erdelynet_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
As soon as you see pre-orders are up, order.  I did
and have had my 3.9 CDs for a couple weeks now.  For me, not wanting to
build all the packages I use, I only wait until release day to download
the rest of the packages (from a mirror).

Except that not all resellers are eqully fast. Neither of the danish resellers has announced having OpenBSD 3.9, and i'm not sure that they differs from so many other resellers. So i guess that one have to order the CD-ROM's from kd85.com or computershop.ca, to be sure to have them, on at least the release day.