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OpenBSD's LIBC C99 missing %a string format support

Hello everyone!

So, I've been trying to build some apps here on my OpenBSD box, but
the lack of OpenBSD's compliance of some C99 standards is stopping me
from achieving my builds...
The only problem so far is the lack of support for the %a string
format used in functions snprintf and sscanf.

I've tried to circumvent this problem by using "libtrio"
(http://daniel.haxx.se/projects/trio/), a library that claims to
reimplement those functions above, but I couldn't get it to work right
(it fails right on 'make test').

Of course I could just dig myself into the code and try to implement
this standard... but I'm a mediocre programmer...

Suggestions on how to solve this problem of mine (workarounds, etc) are welcome!

An OpenBSD user... and that's all you need to know =)

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