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Re: 3.7: weird IP address problem

Hello Otto,

On Tue, 25.04.2006 at 10:46:37 +0200, Otto Moerbeek <otto_(_at_)_drijf_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> Does it work when you force the source address to the desired address?
> With ping, use -I address, with ssh use -b address.

yes, it does work when I specify the correct address with ping, but
doesn't when I don't specify an address.

> 3.7 contains some route caching that might play a role. Forcing a
> source address might have the effect of clearing that cache.

Nope. I did it in this sequence:

 1. ping with forced source address -> success
 2. ping without forced source address -> failure

Some important programs don't have an option to specify a source

> Also, double check the routing table with route -n show, to rule out
> wrong reverse lookups and remaining route entries for the old address.

I always use -n because I don't have DNS on that network anyway, and it
goes faster, and is more true, too.

The routing table does not show any appearance of the wrong address,
only some mac addresses for hosts, and some "link#n" entries for
directly attached networks.


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