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Re: 3.7: weird IP address problem

Hello Ste,

On Mon, 24.04.2006 at 22:49:48 +0100, Ste Jones <stejones_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> I've noticed the same thing before with aliases. Down and upping the
> interface combined with a route flush && sh /etc/netstart should fix
> the problem....

I am glad that you can confirm the problem. I'm sure a reboot would fix
it, too, but I'd rather get at the root cause of it, and eliminate it
there. To preserve the status quo, I abstained from rebooting the box,
so I can conduct some further testing if anyone has good suggestions on
what else to try.

> probably wouldn't do this over ssh though.

That's part of the problem. ;-)


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