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Re: advantages/disadvantages of kernel pppoe(4) vs userland pppoe(8)?

On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 11:44:25AM +0200, holger glaess wrote:
> Jonathan Thornburg wrote:

<huge snip>

> hi
> i also customer of arcor and an wrap embedded router ( take a look at www.pcengines.ch )
> your laptop should be powerful enough for router / dhcp server / caching dns server and
> dyndns client too .
> i use the kernel pppoe right now and at the past the userland pppoe.
> from my feeling are the kernel pppoe faster an more lightweight as the userland pppoe.
> just you have to care about mtu/mss size at the firewall-code  and by sysctl for the fullspeed.

What exactly do you mean by "and by sysctl for the fullspeed"?
I'm running kernel pppoe myself on an old pIII box. Of course I had to
take care of the mtu "issue", but never touched any sysctl variable.

Please enlighten me.

> ( i think this is the biggest diffrence to the userland pppoe ) 
> i work with this setup since months with any kind of trouble.
> holger


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