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Re: rc.conf.local update_motd=NO

> > The patch prevents rc from adding these two lines into the motd file.
> > What I want is to not show information about the system and *JUST* my
> > personal motd, for security purposes and to follow the company's
> > policy.
> What security purposes? You have local users who you dont trust to know the
> operating system? Users who cant run "uname"?

Yes I have. And the main reason is the company's policy. Every SunOS,
AIX, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD (that already has update_motd build in)
server in the company have a specific banner for many purposes, not
even security, but for information, and sometimes obscurity.

What I really want is not to answer questions like:

(from the innocent ones)
- Hum, the last time I logged on it was another *nix ? Why OpenBSD
now? Is Sun going to sue me?

(from the stupid-managers)
- I've heard OpenBSD is in financial troubles right now, please take
this server down and migrate it to any-supported-and-paid-UNIX-system,
I don't want to donate!

(from the funny ones)
- I don't like sushi, I prefer aquatic-bird flesh!

A FAQ article could do the trick. But a patch is better.


Eduardo Alvarenga