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Re: Via EPIA board/box

On Saturday 15 April 2006 20:03, Steve B wrote:
> I've seen a number of posts on various OBSD
> related sites about these Via EPIA boards and their various benefits
> - low power, hardware crypto, etc. They look like a nice replacement
> for my old board so I've been looking around at logicsupply.com,
> idotpc.com and mini-itx.com. There are probably other sites so if
> you've got them please share <g>.

I've recently ordered a couple machines from www.solarpc.com. If you 
want the machine to be almost silent, then i suggest either getting one 
of the machines with a fanless CPU, or getting one with a fan in a 2U 
case and then replacing the 40mm fan with a 40 to 60mm adapter and an 
undervolted 60mm fan; the 40mm fan that comes with the CPU is rated to 
be very quiet but if you are moderately intolerant of noise then the 
default fan really won't seem quiet. Other than having to replace the 
fan as described, i have been very happy with the machines. They run 
OpenBSD very well. I even installed the x.org packages on one just for 
the heck of it (it was my first time trying to run X on OpenBSD) and X 
supported the built-in graphics without any manual configuration.

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