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Re: OpenBGPD HEAD revision questions

Claudio Jeker schrieb:
> On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 04:47:52PM +0200, Thomas Bader wrote:
>> [announce self is missing]
> Gosh! That's a fallout from Henning's nexthop self patch.
> I'll fix it ASAP.

Thanks, that works for me.

I have established that I've mistaken the meaning of "self". I wanted to
use that to prevent routes learned over iBGP getting announced to eBGP
peers. They'll get announced though because they are (of course) from
the same AS.

Probably I need a filter list to get the behaviour I expect. This works
well with IPv4, but not with IPv6:

/etc/bgpd.conf:77: king bula sez: AF_INET only

Whereas line 77 is:

allow to $peer1 prefix fd:202c:ffff:80::/64

Is it planned to implement IPv6 prefixes in the filters?

> 3.8 shipped with basic IPv6 support but there were some bugs hidden in it.
> 3.9 fixed those issues and added special options to bgpctl to show only a
> specified address family.


How well is IPv6 tested yet? I have seen some older postings which state
that it's not well tested. I plan to use v4 and v6, but I need the later
one for the time being only for testing and development purposes and not
for critical applications. Shall I worry about not fully tested v6 support?

Regards, Thomas.

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