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Re: OpenBSD as workstation...yes!

From: Johan SANCHEZ [mailto:johansz_(_at_)_free_(_dot_)_fr]
> > What kind of a guide is needed? Install the x* file sets, 
> and pkg_add your
> > applications. 
> Hi,
> Personnally i prefer use the ports tree or compile from the sources
> but even if that s not that complicated it could be useful to read
> in what order or what way libs or dependancies must be installed,
> just to avoid time loss at least ...

I'm not sure I understand. You automatically resolve dependencies installing
either through the ports tree or if $PKG_PATH is set correctly for packages.
And for a decent source-based installation, you should know up front which
dependencies are required so that you can install them (ports or packages
most often available).

Plus if avoiding time loss is the question, packages seems like an obvious
answer (where a package is available of course.)