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Via EPIA board/box

The memory controller on my P2B appears to have gone bad, so I'm looking to
replace it. I've seen a number of posts on various OBSD related sites about
these Via EPIA boards and their various benefits - low power, hardware
crypto, etc. They look like a nice replacement for my old board so I've been
looking around at logicsupply.com, idotpc.com and mini-itx.com. There are
probably other sites so if you've got them please share <g>. A couple fo
questions come to mind as I plan a purchase:

1. Should I wait for the C7 boards to come out?

2. I'd like to switch to a nice 1U case. Logicsupply has Casetronic and
Morex cases which are nice; gtweb.net also has some. Other recommendations?

3. idotpc.com has a 1U case with a C3 and 256RAM for $299US. I'm sure there
are other nice package deals out there. Can anyone recommend a few?


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