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Re: Time on, since resumption from a suspend?

On Thursday 13 April 2006 15:45, STeve Andre' wrote:
>    I've been looking for a way to figure out how long my laptop has
> been on since the waking from the last suspend, but I don't see
> any way to do that.
>    Am I missing something?  Thanks.
> --STeve Andre'

Thanks for the ideas, but I must have been on drugs when I was
looking at the apm stuff.  There is an /etc/apm dir which can have
a suspend, standby, resume, powerup or powerdown script which
could do anything.

I feel really stupid for not having comprehended what I read.  Once
again OpenBSD already has exacttly what I was looking for; I just 
didn't grok it..  Sorry for the noise...

--STeve Andre'

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