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Re: OpenVPN on OpenBSD with hw crypto acceleration

Thank you,
can you explain me please, why aren't PCI/miniPCI cards sufficient ? I'd
like to use same hardware and only add PCI card on server and end-points..


2006/4/12, Stuart Henderson <stu_(_at_)_spacehopper_(_dot_)_org>:
> On 2006/04/12 11:27, Marek Nixworx wrote:
> > I've read about OpenBSD's ability to use hardware crypto acceleration
> card
> > to transparently accelerate OpenSSL calls.
> In general, don't bother with PCI cards, if you want accelerated
> crypto use AES with one of the newer VIA CPUs with on-chip AES support.
> > Is it possible to use this ability to hw accelerate OpenVPN's SSL calls
> ?
> Yes.