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Re: plotting 2 & 3-d graphs of data with C

On Sun, Apr 09, 2006 at 01:23:17PM -0500, dick_(_at_)_uchicago_(_dot_)_edu wrote:
i have done some searching for ways to graph 2 and 3-d data using a C program on openbsd and not found anything particularly satisfactory. perhaps i'm not using the right keywords. i need to graph data from a
C program and would prefer one library or other program (preferably
port) with a C API that would do all i need.

i searched the ports@ archive and saw xgraph and grace, but they only do 2-d
graphing, AFAICT. anybody got any other suggestions?

gnuplot (http://www.gnuplot.info) can probably do what you want. I've been using it since the late 1980s and am quite happy with it.

There's an OpenBSD port (/usr/ports/math/gnuplot/), or you can fetch
the official source distribution from the gnuplot web page and compile
it yourself.  The Development sources from SourceForge also build fine
on OpenBSD.


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