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Re: ami on AMD64 - hard lockups on write; 3.9 -current

On 4/7/06, marten_(_at_)_sdf_(_dot_)_lonestar_(_dot_)_org <marten_(_at_)_sdf_(_dot_)_lonestar_(_dot_)_org> wrote:

> Others are using these cards; are there known firmware problems that
> could be related?

> ami0: LSI 3008, 32b, FW 813G, BIOS vH425, 128MB RAM

I updated mine to 813J which solved some minor little issues and
didn't solve others (notably hard lock when promoting drives to hot
spare). Company doesn't want to spring for a spare power supply so I
haven't been able to try replicating that on my spare hardware yet.

Jon Simola
Systems Administrator
ABC Communications

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