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Re: Distribution with CARP load balancing

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 06:00:20PM -0700, Andrew Ng wrote:
> as noted in the FAQ - "it's not expected that you will achieve perfect
> 50/50 distribution between the two machines", wonder if there any
> way(software, configuration, hardware etc) to be able control the
> distribution for CARP? Even/control-able distribution is important for
> me as the resources(bandwidth, CPU, diskspace etc) allocated would not
> substain heavy load.

How about a PF box (or pair of them CARP'd) in front of the
servers you're load-balancing and use rdr, with round-robin or
random distribution, with or without sticky-address.

The back-end servers still need to use CARP to get fast failover
if a box goes down (i.e. you rdr to CARP-protected addresses),
you can adjust the rdr rule either by a script or by hand to fine-
tune (list the same address multiple times if you want to increase
the number of requests going to that machine). You could script
to check for service availability (rather than just the box being

pen (in packages) could be another option.

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