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Re: [OT] Which C learning approach to take

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 10:56:58AM +0200, Stephan A. Rickauer wrote:
> With a unix engineer/admin background of seven years I am now interested
> in learning C programming. The reason for asking here is, I came across
> OpenBSD a year ago and I am still fascinated by its purity and
> consistency, which now led me to the idea that people who write such a
> cool thing probably do have good advices on how to learn OS related C
> programming...
> I can't ask specific questions yet, but let's phrase it theoretically:
> If I'd like to be a good (=secure, clean, robust) OpenBSD C developer in
> a couple of years, which books should I have read and how should I start
> to basically understand BSD? Does it make sense to grab a very old
> version (4.4BSD?) since it is less complex? Which source code is a good
> example for understanding how Unix basically works?

The OpenBSD page has a 'book' section, and this has been discussed quite
recently - look at the archives.

As to C, the classic K&R book is still (one of) the best. For BSD, see
the book page.


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