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Re: (OT: PostgreSQL vs MySQL)

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 01:17:15AM +0100, Craig Skinner wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 10:25:38PM +0200, Joachim Schipper wrote:
> > I can second that. I am not a heavy database user by any means - I like
> > grep far too much for that - but when it can't be avoided, I'd rather
> > use something with a working foreign key implementation (though that
> > has apparently improved quite a bit in the 5.x series), and less
> > 'nonstandard extensions'.
> Yep to the above.
> PostgreSQL has:
> *) foriegn keys
> *) supports ANSII SQL
> *) Full ACIDity
> *) supports views (sort of like symbolic links to entire tables, joins,
> etc)
> MySQL is a wee bit faster, but it has none of the above, so it is really
> just an SQL interface to a file system. If you value your data, what
> is the point of that??????
> If you do not value your data, why bother with a database?
> MySQL is pointless.

Not necessarily - a lot of PHP script rely on a database, but I do not
think our forum constitutes critical data. ;-)

That being said, the above forum is run on PostgreSQL.


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