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Re: When would you NOT use OpenBSD?

On 4/5/06, David T Harris <da465415_(_at_)_pegasus_(_dot_)_cc_(_dot_)_ucf_(_dot_)_edu> wrote:
> Just out of curiosity why did your company decide
> to go with Postgresql as opposed to mysql?
> Just somewhat curious considering you see mysql
> everywhere these days...
> Or at least you hear about it more it seems...

I do know of one source (_large_ net spidering outfit) who I used
to contract for that had chosen postgres over mysql because
of large table stability. Basically mysql side by side with their
straight forward table structures and queries covering millions
of records were quicker and the engine was more predictable.

But why take my word? Go install both and write a shell script
and fill them with a couple million lines of info and pound away :)

On 4/4/06, Miles Keaton <mileskeaton_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> This is a serious question, for heavy users of OpenBSD in
> big/production/heavy-traffic situations.
> Which leads me to my real question for you heavy users of OpenBSD in
big/production/heavy-traffic situations:
> When would you NOT use OpenBSD?

 There's only one (IMO) place to not use OpenBSD...when its on the
desktop and you need a driver to be productive. I'm using debian and
on my laptop for this reason because I have to be able to use wireless
when in a datacenter.

Mission critical applications/enterprise/production...... everything pales
to OpenBSD. My reasons: 1) security 2) documentation 3) simplicity
4) ports 5) source documentation 6) ease of source use and navigation
7) faqs & mailing list archives

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