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Re: Default Gateway, PF, BAD State

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 01:15:53AM +1200, Joshua Sandbrook wrote:
> Hello There.
> Ive got two openbsd gateways:
> + - gateway to subnet. this 
> obsd box has a default gateway set to, and all hosts on 
> the subnet have their gateway set to PF 
> turned OFF.
> - gateway to the internet, is set as default gateway for 
> hosts on the This box has a route set for 
> to
> Now then... What happens is when a workstation ( hosts ) 
> trys to transfer a file to a host on the subnet, it 
> transfers around 60Kb, before it hangs and starts eventually times out 
> or gets reset. This is with pf turned ON on the box. Rules 
> are to pass out and pass in everything.
> I 'set debug loud' in pf.conf, and in /var/log/messages lots of these 
> types of messages showed up:
> Apr  6 17:21:31 sidb /bsd: pf: BAD state: TCP 
> [lo=2515403070 high=2515336655 
> win=49640 modulator=0] [lo=0 high=49640 win=1 modulator=0] 2:0 A 
> seq=2515403070 ack=0 len=1460 ackskew=0 pkts=64:0 dir=out,fwd
> Now, if I turn pf OFF, everything works fine. And if I manually add a 
> route to a workstation for then it also works fine, 
> because it then does not use the gateway to get to 
> So then... any ideas how to fix this?

No, but the fact that you claim can get to
without going through the router means either one of us is confused or
your network is set up in a rather strange way.