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Re: When would you NOT use OpenBSD?

On Thursday 06 April 2006 05:00, Dan wrote:
> I recently had a problem with an OBSD router that had been running for
> months, then one network card started locking up (an onboard Broadcom).
> Completely swapped the server...same issue.  I posted the information to
> the list, with the appropriate dmesgs, and got nothing.  The problem
> kept happening and eventually I had to rip the box out and replace it
> with something else.

How do you know the vendor would have been able to help you? Unless you're a 
really big client or have a big support contract with, say Nortel or Cisco, 
they're not going to give you the time of day. At least that's how it is with 
Cisco, in my experience.
And if you have purchased your gear second-hand or refurbished you can kiss 
any kind of support goodbye.

> With a vendor (Nortel) I can leverage our existing relationship and get
> things done.  I've had issues get escalated to Senior VP level at
> Nortel....*that* gets things done.  Nortel has sent engineers on site
> for some very strange errors.  Sure, I pay for this support...but I get
> support.

You could just as well pay an OBSD consultant or buy an OpenBSD router from a 
company that offers support.

Lars Hansson

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