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Re: When would you NOT use OpenBSD?

Donald J. Ankney wrote:
.... Vendor support is a sometimes criteria.

Well, if the Vendor support is so critical, then you will be better served with OpenBSD for what they provide in their default system and that's second to none! By far!

Anytime I had any problem that was specific to OpenBSD, it got fix in no time, compare to Cisco for example where I PAY SmartNet on a shit load of product and still bugs DON'T get fix! Is that Vendor support needed or wanted I asked?

Problem in Cisco routers don't get address in a timely fashion, but when I had problem in OpenBGPd, that got fix quickly, even if that was a very subtle one. How ever, my BGP compatibility problem between Juniper and Cisco where Cisco run 12.4(x) with "ip tcp selective-ack" and peer with Juniper routers with MD5 and that runs their latest few IOS still is not fix for well, 5 months now!

Or the very stupid EST/DST time display on ALL Cisco 7905 & 7912 IP phones even with SmartNet on a shit load of them for well over 2 1/2 years now still not fix! I have to run a NTP hacked Cisco_Brain_Dead NTP version to sync with it and switch every 6 months to go around that issue!

Or the issue or drop calls with Polycom IP phones on transfer with a very well known PBX hosting solutions running on Solaris that required yearly software maintenance payback for not fixing the issue proven to be in their software.

I can go one for ever on the subject, the list is very long.

It is strange to me that ALL the open problem I have ARE with product I do have maintenance and software support WITH Vendor, but ALL that I run on OpenBSD runs without problem!

So, the argument of "Vendor support is a sometimes criteria." really doesn't mean ANYTHING to me anymore and real life example proved it many times over!

Again do as you see fit and run what you like, but DON'T think using OpenBSD is a mistakes and that it is NOT supported! That's where many not using it for that argument are wrong big time.

Thank you!


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